Jan DiSanto, RN, MS, MFT
Licensed Psychotherapist

Myrtle The Turtle Discovers Hug Power  

A children’s book about healing shame through attachment

Written by Jan DiSanto

Brief Synopsis 

This is a disarming book that helps children and parents deal with naturally occurring shame and promotes the connection between parent and child. Myrtle the Turtle disobeys her parents and goes off on her own. When scolded, Myrtle goes into shame and anger. Her mother helps her resolve these feelings through their connection. As a result, Myrtle learns from the experience and feels stronger within herself.


“Jan DiSanto has very cleverly disguised a wise book for adults in the form of a children's book.  It teaches parents how to help their children not carry around the burden of shame while entertaining the children with a comforting story that can be appreciated on many levels.  It is a truly engaging story that both parents and children will gain from reading.  The author is a sophisticated, emotionally-focused therapist and it shows.  The drawings (by Jan's daughter!) convey just the right amount of emotion to fit the story.  Bravo to them both!”   

- Hanna Levenson, PhD, Psychologist and Certified EFT therapist and supervisor

“Finally!  A children’s book about shame - that universal, powerful, and misunderstood emotion.  Brilliantly written and delightfully drawn, Myrtle the Turtle explores the inner emotional world of the child.  Jealousy, impatience, and the reactions to shame are gently and humorously explored in this fanciful tale - leading to a happy ending as Myrtle’s shame is healed.  Recommended for parents, teachers, therapists, and kids of all ages."

- Sheila Rubin, LMFT and Bret Lyon, PhD, Co-Creators of the Healing Shame Workshops

How To Order A Copy

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More information at http://www.myrtletheturtlebook.com/

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